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Open Data in society’s perspective *)

SinergantaraCSOs/NGOs work in budget issues

There is need for data, which is often fulfilled by conventional way, namely submitting requests for data to government institutions. The data obtained is in hardcopy form. Some CSOs/NGOs start to use internet to find data, for instance by browsing government websites, both national and local governments’ websites. However, number of data obtained is not sufficient. In other words, data availability for public is lacking. Data obtained through this method is usually in PDF and XLS format.
This group expects government to revolutionize the way of presenting data, therefore in the future available data will be plentier, more accessible, and more able to
address community’s need for data.

ICT Community

There is need for data, which is fulfilled by browsing web and using available applications in latest gadgets. Expectations for future condition include abundant data which society needs can be provided by government without preventing possibility for society members to participate as data providers. Data should be reserved in a big database or repository and mirrors that are available in many places. Data should use open license to allow many people to use the data for their needs, such as for research, technology development, and other purposes.

Netter/internet user community

Need for data is fulfilled through browsing. The available data is regarded sufficient. The data include data of government, organization structure, public service, hotels, restaurants, tourism places, contacts, complaint box, gallery of activities, relevant news, announcement of employee recruitment result, etc. Data openly available is regarded very beneficial for society. This is also a mean for education, promotion, and communication tool between government and citizens. On the other hand, government can also obtain inputs from community for analysis and appropriate materials of decision.

*) Based on temporary findings of Research on Open Data in Developing Countries, conducted by Sinergantara in cooperation with Web Foundation and IDRC.

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