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From Web Index Seminar

Diskusi Kelompok Seminar Web Index @ Hotel MorrisseyWeb Foundation organized a seminar titled “Engaging with the World Wide Web Foundation on the Impact of the Web in Indonesia” in Morissey Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia, on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013. This one-day seminar on Open Data is divided into two sessions. The first session discusses readiness and challenges faced by Indonesian government on implementing Open Data.

Participants of the first session include: government (Ministry of Communication and Information), non-government organizations (ICT Watch, CPGI, ICW, Combine), and individuals who concern ICT advocacy.

Two issues gained much attention in this session. Participants notice that government institutions release their own version of data, which may be different from each other, on the same issue. Also, the released data is often in raw version, or data that is filled with technical terminology which public may find it unfamiliar. Responding World Wide Web Foundation’s plan of research on Indonesia’s readiness for Open Data implementation, participants recommend to consider activities in social media, particularly facebook, because most Indonesians use facebook more than they visit other sites.

The second session is participated by NGOs that work on women (Yayasan Jurnal Perempuan, Rahima, Women Research Institute, Women’s Health Foundation) and LGBT (Our Voice Indonesia) issues. This session discussed gender issues in ICT. World Wide Web Foundation asked participants to discuss issues that may potentially have gender bias and discrimination, including challenges for women’s activities in the internet. At the end of the session, participants are asked to give score on Indonesian government’s readiness in accommodating women’s interests in implementation of Open Data. Of this brief assessment, it is expected to have gender advocacy efforts in ICT and development of toolkits that can promote women participation in web.

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